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"My experience training with Laurie is hardly summed up by a five star review. Laurie's positive attitude towards health and fitness carries over to all aspects of your life when you work out with her. I am a busy working mom and wasn't carving out time for me. Laurie's flexible schedule and beautiful home gym makes it easy to get to work out sessions. She will meet each client at the level you are at - never lifted a weight or training for an Iron Man - she is the partner to get the results you want. Laurie is very knowledgeable about physiology and creates fun and challenging workout routines. I now feel confident wearing sleeveless shirts again, my love of my whole body has returned and I'm regaining the strength to play with my kids on the soccer field or ski slopes. When workout with Laurie you gain more than a trainer but a coach and partner to transform your body and self-confidence."

Mary Beth A., Kenmore, WA, Jan '17

"Laurie is the best! I grew up as an athlete and lately as I near my 30's in a few months I really needed some extra motivation (even though I am a trainer myself). Working with Laurie has been absolutely amazing! She makes me strive to work my hardest every session, even on the days I don't feel like working out. She is great at encouraging you to push and achieve your goals. If there is anyone out there that is questioning whether or not they should get a trainer, then it's time to call Laurie because I promise you will be happy with your results!"

Lisa M., Lake Forest Park, WA, Dec '16

"I started training with Laurie last October in preparation for my wedding. Every workout was different! I gave her my goals and she did everything to get me there. Not only did she kick me into great shape for my big day, but she is a joy to train with. Thank you for making it so much fun, Laurie!"

Mia W., Tacoma, WA, Oct '16

"I’ve been working with Laurie on my fitness for over a year now, and she’s awesome. I’m in my 50s, and have bad knees, neck problems, etc., so I have to be careful that my workouts don’t make things worse. Laurie is great at really working me hard, while working around my various flaws and problems. She always has an alternate exercise when I need one, and never makes me feel like I’m wimping out when I say I need an alternate exercise.

I meet with her for an hour a week. When I’m rocking and rolling, working with Laurie helps me push past what I think my limits are. When I’m in a slump or feeling lazy and disinclined, my weekly visit with Laurie is like a reset button, to get me back on track. I highly recommend her!"

Chris M., Bothell, WA Apr '15

"I can't imagine having anyone else as my personal trainer than Laurie Ames! She's not only great at being a trainer and coach, but she's very in tuned to each and every one of her clients. She embodies a variety of workouts so you're never bored, but always challenged! Laurie knows what works, what doesn't and the results are always gratifying! Thanks Coach for being so awesome and pushing me just when I always need it!"

Celine L., Everett, WA Oct '14

"In spite of the great testimonials on her website, I was somewhat apprehensive about signing up with Laurie. Why? Because 90% of her client reviews were from the same demographic, female and young. I’m just the opposite … male and old. At 70 years old, overweight, out of shape, and with an hip implant, I was not sure that Laurie would have the expertise to work with my demographic. Turns out she could handle it. She met me right where I am, and took me through 10 sessions that were just what I needed. Using a variety of exercises from push-ups to boxing she kept it interesting.

She was able to push me just the right amount … challenging, but never so much that I thought I might have a heart attack."

Harry C., Kenmore, WA Apr '14

"Laurie has given me confidence… Confidence I didn't know I had. With Laurie’s encouragement, I am beginning to see just how strong I am. She pushes me. She cheers for me. She listens to me. She doesn't let me quit. Even more importantly, she makes me NOT WANT to quit…

When I started with Laurie, it was because I was finally sick of doing nothing, and setting a bad example for my daughters….. My first work out, I thought I was going to puke. I had to make myself go the second time… and the third… but I kept going because Laurie makes me feel like I can do it… Now, several months later, I happily get out of bed at 4:15am to meet Laurie for a good work out (well, almost happily - I still like my sleep J)…

I still battle my inner “fat girl”. I recognize that I can’t run a mile as fast as a lot of people – but the fact is, I CAN run a mile – when a few months ago, I couldn't I CAN lift weights. I CAN do burpees and squats. I CAN plank and wall sit and jump rope… I guess bottom line is that Laurie gave me the “I CAN”… ".

Stacy P., Bothell, WA Oct '13

"If you want to ache

Like you've got the flu

Then Personal Trainer, Laurie

Is the one for you.

If you like the burn

And want to feel pains

Then pick up your phone

And call Laurie Ames.

If muscles you want

And strength you desire

Then this is your day!

Laurie's for hire!

You see, you can do it

If help's what you need

Laurie will be there

To see you succeed!"

Elise N., Woodinville, WA Oct '13

"I started working out with Laurie because my half marathon training suggested I do strength training twice a week. The work outs Laurie provides have really helped me to transform my body. Laurie pushes me but also adjusts the workouts as needed. I’ve lost 6 pounds that I’ve been able to keep off, I’ve changed the way I’m eating and I completed the half marathon in Leavenworth. Laurie makes getting up at 4:40a worth it! She and the workouts she provides are a great start to my day! Thank you, Laurie!" Michelle M., Bothell, WA Oct '13

"I initially started to work with Laurie to train/get in shape for an upcoming season of volleyball. I never had the intention to commit to a personal trainer long-term, but that mentality quickly changed while working with Laurie. With her help, I've changed and improved my eating habits, my fitness regimen, and overall endurance. I feel really great about what we've accomplished together so far, especially the fact that Laurie has got me to run, an activity I've always loathed and avoided. Laurie has been very encouraging, supportive, and prepared, and I'm very motivated to continue working with her year-round. She is an ideal trainer that always pushes my fitness limits by modifying routines in order to achieve maximum results. Moreover, Laurie is more than a trainer, she is a friend. She invests her time and spirit into seeing me reach my goals. I'm always excited and motivated to workout, not only because I'm eager to be healthier but because it's a workout with Laurie Ames."

Ashley Y., Bothell, WA May '13

"I've tried many diet and work out programs with minimal results, the hardest part is getting there - With Laurie there is accountability because I have a scheduled appointment. I love the variety of exercises we do at each session so I am never board. Laurie's positive feed back has really helped me stay focused on my goals, her energy is truly magnetic! "

Stacey D., Bothell, WA Apr '13

"I vividly remember corresponding with Laurie before our first training session and telling her that I have always had trouble sticking with a cross-training program. I am an avid runner and marathoner, but I never could commit long term to strength training. I tried Cross Fit, Circuit Classes and even another trainer. Laurie has been the difference maker for me. We have trained together for six months and I have been incredibly consistent! There are many reasons for this. The primary one is that Laurie is constantly coming up with new challenges, workouts and circuits. The hour session always flies by because of the variety…I am never bored! In addition to traditional circuits and weight training; we also do kick boxing and the TRX. I have fallen in love with the TRX! In addition to the wide variety of workouts that Laurie provides; she also provides the MOST POSITIVE ATTITUDE. She lifts me up, makes me believe in myself and has become a true coach. More than a trainer…a coach. She also has become a friend. Laurie has helped me reach many of my fitness goals and I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life."

Colleen S., Kenmore, WA Sept '12

“Like most brides, I wanted to look my very best for my wedding day. Again like most brides, this meant I wanted to drop a few pounds and tone up. I contacted Laurie Ames for her in-home personal training. It was quite possibly one of the best decisions I made during my wedding planning. Laurie’s one-on-one, customized training technique was outstanding. She personalized my workouts and intensity entirely on my fitness goals and abilities. On my wedding day, countless guests commented on how the dress looked like it was tailored just for me. Little did they know, that Laurie helped me tailor my body to fit my open-backed dress just perfectly. So, if you are looking for a trainer that is TRULY personalized and gets as invested in your fitness goals as you are, call Laurie Ames at Ames2BFit.”

Bobbi H., Kenmore, WA July '12

"I work out with Laurie once a week and each session is fun with innovative exercises to provide a challenge each week. Laurie's knowledge, expertise, and motivation gives me confidence that I can meet my personal fitness goals. Laurie is fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer."

Debbie B., Kenmore, WA Mar '12

"I have been working out with Laurie for several years and she is simply the best. She keeps updated on the latest science of physical activity but more importantly she makes it fun and is motivating. As no two people are alike, she tailors the workouts based on your body and also your lifestyle. It's nice to go to her studio but it's also nice to meet her and exercise outdoors. She is very knowledgeable in nutrition and as part of her services, she will coach you on diet as well. Laurie has the unique ability to combine old school with new and is always changing it up to make it fun and interesting and best of all motivating. I really look forward to our workouts!"

Denise C., Brier, WA Mar '12

"I took an "Ab Lab" with Laurie and discovered so many awesome techniques. Laurie was great at setting incremental goals for me, too. She is very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take their workout to the next level."

Luis M., Kenmore, WA Feb '12

"Having Laurie as my trainer ensures I won't skimp on my work outs. I've been working out with Ames2BFit for 10 months now. During this time, I went from a couch potato to running three plus miles regularly, sculpted my arms, strengthened my core and lost 20 pounds. The physical benefit is huge of course but the benefit of feeling great and knowing I am doing something good for myself is what keeps me going. Laurie is a master at changing up the routine so boredom doesn't set in, she is a motivator and also sets goals with measurements so you can see your progress along the way. She has helped me to incorporate working out into my life as a part of my daily life and something I now understand will be in my life for the

long term."

Jamie P., Bothell, WA Feb '12

"I found Laurie when I needed to lose the baby weight and get into shape. She offered everything that I could ever ask for in a personal trainer and friend. She is so flexible about time and location, meeting at my place, the steepest hill near my house, her place, etc. Laurie was kind enough to come to my house during my kids nap time and help me get into the best shape of my life! She was an amazing motivator during my second pregnancy. She helped me stay in shape and keep the weight down, then lose 45 pounds after the 2 baby arrived in a matter of months. She continued to make every workout harder than the last one, but tweaked certain exercises so that even being 9 months pregnant, I could still break out a sweat and be challenged. There is no way that I could have done that on my own. I love the multitude of workouts that she has at her fingertips. TRX one day (amazing!), kick boxing, strength and cardio the next. At her home, she has all the fitness equipment ready to go to help you get the results that you want. When she comes to you, she brings everything that you will need for that workout. She also offers occasional weight loss contests between her clients, which is a fun and productive motivational tool. I have been working out with Laurie for 1 ½ years now, and don’t remember repeating any workouts unless I specifically asked for them. That alone is amazing!! Her workouts have always been challenging and fun. She is always interested in the next best workout tool, in order to expand her business and fitness interest. Hiring Laurie has been the best thing that I have ever done for myself. If you have any interest in doing something to improve your lifestyle and well-being, please consider hiring Laurie. You will not be disappointed!"

Jenn A., Bothell, WA, Apr '11

"Laurie is an amazing motivator. I came to her because I needed someone who could push me to my potential, not only has she done that but she makes exercising fun! She has really identified my strong points and uses them to my advantage in every work out. I'm stronger than I've ever been, and Laurie continues to challenge me with new work outs each week. No matter how my day starts I always leave my work out feeling energized and motivated for my day. If you have the pleasure of working with her as your trainer, try her kick boxing work outs, they are phenomenal! They are such a great way to get an amazing cardio work out while also incorporating strength training. I would recommend Laurie to anyone at any level of fitness looking for a great motivational trainer."

Natalie B., Kenmore, WA, Apr '11

"Well, what can I say....Laurie rocks!!! One of the things I love most about Laurie is her flexibility. When she says fitness anywhere any time, she means it. Sometimes that means she comes to my house and fixes snacks for my toddler while I am on the treadmill. Other days it may mean a run outside. The only thing she isn't flexible about is getting fitness results for her clients. She knows how to get the job done. Laurie is extremely creative in her approach to fitness. If you aren't seeing the results you want--then she will adjust things to make it happen for you. I've loved the current weight loss contest she has going among her clients. It was just the right thing to get me to kick it up a notch. Laurie is sincere and cares about her clients and it shows. Give her a try, you won't be disappointed."

Tricia C., Kirkland, WA, Oct. '10

"Laurie is wonderful and very easy to work with. Each workout is different from the last and it is easy to see progress over time. I appreciate Laurie as a good coach - she pushes me out of my comfort zone in a gentle way and helps me to see what I am capable of. She is great in following up to see how different workouts have made me feel (and if/where I'm sore - in a good way!) and seeks input on what I'd like to do for my next session. She's also a strong motivator. If I were working out at a gym by myself, it would be much easier to skip a workout if I had nobody to answer to - it is easy to partner with Laurie to hold myself accountable for taking care of myself. This summer, I'm delighted to go sleeveless and show off the tone in my arms and shoulders - I've never had that before! I've also dropped two pants sizes, which is far beyond what I had hoped for when I'd set out to work with a personal trainer. Laurie's communication and punctuality are also commendable; she is trustworthy and consistent in her approach, which I appreciate. Laurie is great and someone I'm delighted to recommend to others seeking effective personal training and coaching."

Kristin W., Kenmore, WA, July '10

"I've been working out with Laurie now for several months 3x per week. She is always on time and ready with a workout for the day and all the equipment needed. She is motivating and keeps you going when parts of the workout get hard. She is flexible about where to workout - we've worked out at my house, her house, outside walking hills, and at a local high school track. She works with you to figure out the best workouts to accomplish your goals and even sends periodic emails recounting everything you did in that days workout - which really adds up and is very gratifying to see! I have a pretty hectic schedule being a medical student but she has always been able to find a workout time that fits my schedule and she can schedule workouts in advance so that you have up to a months worth scheduled if you need that. What I like the most about the workouts is that they are always different and you do a lot of combination moves (like squatting and then shoulder pressing) so that you are working out your whole body in each exercise. I have gained in strength measurably each week....I have never been able to do push-ups before and now can do them from my feet instead of my knees! I also don't complain about them nearly as much because I'm strong enough to do them now so it's not as exhausting. That was a big hurdle for me. I can't recommend Laurie enough! She is great!"

Wendy H. Bothell, WA, May '10

“To say that Laurie customizes a program for me as an individual is an understatement. She customizes programs based on my mood and energy level each time we have a session! I told her from the very beginning that I get bored easily and like to do different things. From day 1, Laurie has spent time researching exercises and routines (and trying them out herself!) so that she shows up at each session with several options for me. She is patient with me while at the same time subtly encouraging and pushing me to do my best. Wow…I can’t believe I have a personal trainer of her caliber working with me!”

Kari P., Medina, WA, Dec. '09

"After having a baby, I wanted to be healthy and active for both my daughter and myself. But I struggled trying to find the time and energy to exercise, and when I did exercise I was lost. I thought trainers were for super fit women who were trying to get even fitter. I was so not one of those women. After months of struggling on my own and getting nowhere, I decided I needed help and I called Laurie with Ames2Bfit. Laurie took the time to answer all my questions and made me feel comfortable. She custom tailored each workout to my abilities. She challenged me both physically and mentally - "you can do anything for 30 seconds." She taught me exercises I could do at both the gym and in my own living room when my daughter naps. When I first started I could barely run at all, but this morning I went on a 2 mile run! With the help of Laurie and some hard work I will be running a 5k next month. I love training with Laurie and get excited to see what new "challenges" she has for me. Each workout is an adventure!"

Jenn A., Dec. '09

After I had my 1st baby, I tried everything I could think of to lose the weight. I found Laurie, who is willing to meet anywhere convenient for you. She is wonderful enough to come to my house at nap time, the only time I really have to myself and get help me get back into shape. She is a wonderful coach. She always has different workouts, cardio, strength, mixing it up so that the hour goes by quite quickly. She is a great motivator, always looking out for her customers best interest. She enjoys the challenge of finding different workouts to challenge me . After 6 weeks with Laurie, I have dropped unwanted weight!

Christina B., Kenmore, WA, Nov. '09

"To say that Laurie is a natural trainer is really an understatement. Laurie's warm, responsive and responsible approach could be misleading in a personal trainer in that you may think her workouts will be simple and easy, but they are not! I know first hand that Laurie pours over training ideas for hours on end for each of her clients to ensure the routine will challenge you while still meeting your individual needs. Laurie's passion for what she does shines through. She truly believes that your results are a reflection of her and so she takes forth your goals with determination to make it happen all with a smile on her face."

Amy W., Mill Creek, Oct. '09

"I have been working out with Laurie for about two months now.

She provides a challenging but fun workout at a time and location

that suits me. I appreciate the time and effort she puts in to planning

each workout; there is always a great variety and I've enjoyed every session! Laurie has been been a great cheerleader and is helping me achieve my goals." 

Rachel K., Kirkland, Oct. '09

"My training with Laurie has been great! I've worked out before but could never become committed to it. Laurie has shown me that working out can be fun by making each workout different and tailored to what I like. Her coaching style is perfect for me, a ton of encouragement mixed with just enough sympathy to get me through the workout. And to top it all of she travels to my neighborhood, and lets me buddy up with a friend. I couldn't ask for a better trainer!" 

Jessica M., Kirkland, Oct. '09

"I've been working out with Laurie for about 6 weeks now, and have seen tremendous results. Before joining a gym, I would consider Ames2Bfit first. You can't beat the convenience, she will meet you anywhere you want. She meets me at my home, a local track and park. Laurie has the unique ability to combine old school with new and is always changing it up to make it fun and interesting and best of all motivating. I really look forward to our workouts!" 

Denise C., Brier, Sept. '09

"I was having such a hard time working out on my own before I decided to hire Laurie. I knew I wasn't pushing myself hard enough to see results and honestly I hate to exercise. Lucky for me, training with Laurie is always fun, challenging, and never ever boring! She is always encouraging and makes me feel so much more capable than I ever thought I could be. Laurie always has fresh new ideas and our workout sessions seem to fly by. I would recommend Laurie to anyone looking to change up their workout and see results!" Heather T., Bothell, Sept. '09

"After completing the Stanford Healthy Lifestyles program I knew that I needed a boost to get back into weight training. After meeting with Laurie the first time I knew that it was a good fit as she recognized that I had done weight training in the past and in general had a pretty good understanding of how to properly weight train. With that in mind Laurie tweaked the program to adjust to the fact that I was already doing cardio on a regular basis and we got started on the weight training straightaway. I appreciate that Laurie made the instruction custom tailored to the individual and was grateful for the advice that she provided regarding more complicated weight training such as free weights, supersets and balance/weight combo moves. Overall, I found Laurie's knowledge and assistance very helpful!" 

Andrea R., Bothell, Aug. '09

"Laurie is really great. I thought she was extremely flexible in helping me find what worked for me I think it was awesome that Laurie tried to find what worked for me and I'm sure she would do that for everyone. I like how Laurie emailed me each week to check up on me and see how things were going. It was also great how Laurie pushed me to try some new classes like BOSU, Body Shop, and Boot Camp. I'm not sure I ever would have done those without the encouragement." 

Lisa F., Kirkland, Aug. '09

"I was both excited and a little nervous/scared when I signed up for Y-Personal Fitness. I knew that I needed a more structured program designed for and with me as well as some encouragement to conquer my nervousness/fears about working out. I was really impressed with the program overall and don't think that I could have been matched with a more perfect coach than Laurie! Honest! Laurie gave me the information I needed as well as the encouragement and cheerleading that I needed/wanted and have sometimes been afraid to admit that I need/want. She answered my questions in a direct, straightforward manner and in terms that I could understand. Laurie, the calm quiet way and the cheerleading you provided to me, was instrumental in that change and I thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my newly calloused fingers!" 

Elissa B., Bothell, July '09

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